Now that I’ve had more than three consecutive hours of sleep, I think I can form the thoughts to make this entry.
This was my first NACA conference and it was definitely a great way to get introduced to the wacky world of college booking.  I don’t envy what the Student Activities Boards are having to do in the next couple of weeks — look through the piles & piles of materials they gathered at the conference, decide who they’d like to book, plan and budget everything… not an easy or fun process.

NACA kids, let me make this easier for you:  BOOK ME, BOOK ME!


Not subtle enough?    Oh well.

I think the download cards were a hit.  I will definitely be releasing all of my future recordings in this format — it saves space, materials, and money.   That’s a win/win/win situation.  For any of you who picked up a download card at my booth and aren’t sure where to redeem it, go here:

and click on the “Redeem Juliana Finch Card Code” link.   That’ll start the process and you’ll soon be humming along to me on your iPod.  Simple.

I had a great time and hope to see some of the same faces at the regional conferences later this year.  I’m going to try to get a showcase spot for one of them, so cross yer fingers for me.  Right now I’m working on adjusting to “Normal Person” hours and preparing for my upcoming shows.  It’s definitely a total switch from staying up all night in the Magical Mystery Gardens of the Opryland.