I spent time on the weekend at the new house.  In the middle of moving, it’s easy to get stressed out and forget why you’re doing it, so it was really nice on Saturday morning to see lots of great wildlife around us.

First, there were two hummingbirds doing a dance in front of the garage while I pulled weeds.

Next, I saw a big Blue Jay fly off of our roof and toward the trees.

Then, on the way back into the house, we noticed a HUGE spider in its web off to the right (near the room that will be my home office.)    Instead of trying to get rid of it right away, we looked it up and found out that it is an Argiope aurantia, nicknamed a  “Writing Spider” because of the ‘scribble’ it weaves down its web!

I decided having a Writing Spider grace my home and garden must be a good omen that this move is going to be good for my writing.
A picture of our new guest, Eudora the Writing Spider, is below the cut for people who are squeamish about such things.


and yes, that is an *entire grasshopper* in her web.

The large female Writing Spiders take down their webs every night and weave them again before dawn.  Like a mirror of our process, it reminds me to keep going, even if I have to undo and re-do something several times.