I started reading Christine Kane’s blog about a year ago.  Earlier this decade I took a songwriting workshop from her that was wonderful and since that time, she’s developed wildly successful coaching programs and retreats, in addition to keeping an excellent blog about creating the life you want to live.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the blog lately has been reading the guest posts of people who, instead of making long lists of New Year’s Resolutions, chose a single word to hold with them through the year.   One word to remind them of their intentions, to create new possibilities, and remind them of who they want to become.  I absolutely love this idea, and so I’ve chosen a word for myself for 2010.

Have you ever taken one of those questionnaires online that asks you things like, “If you were stranded on a desert island, which three records would you take with you?”    One of the questions is inevitably, “If you could choose one word to describe yourself, what would it be?”  Several years ago, I was convinced I had my word:   Hungry.

I was hungry for experience, for knowledge, for sounds, textures, words… and of course, food.  I felt like that one word covered it all.  (If you are familiar with the Enneagram, I am a classic 7.) Now I know that the word ‘hungry’ conveys not just a lust for life, but lack.   Hunger comes from a place of not having enough, of never being satisfied.   This year I am releasing that hunger.

My word for 2010 is…


I love this word because in many ways it is the opposite of ‘hungry’.  It’s also a verb, which implies and creates action.

Instead of hungering, I choose to use my present experiences to really give back to myself, to heal my body and grow my spirit.

Instead of looking for new experiences, I choose to be fully present and aware of how my current experience is feeding me.

This word applies to many aspects of my life, from my interactions with food and my body to the things I want to surround myself with to my relationships with friends and family.

In 2010, I choose to nourish my body.

I want to be more aware of the nutrients I’m putting into my body, of how to create healthy and satisfying meals.  I want to take more time to myself to go on walks, to do yoga, and to explore what my muscles are capable of.

In 2010, I choose to nourish my mind.

I want to spend more time reading things that interest me, and less time being overloaded with information online.  I want to create a home office that inspires me and allows me to write comfortably at home.  I want to take classes in subjects I haven’t been brave enough to study before.

In 2010, I choose to nourish my relationships.

I want to spend more quality time talking to my family, and less time defending myself.   I want to have more real, one-on-one interactions with my friends rather than only seeing them at parties.  I want to continue to learn what it is to be a partner to someone in every sense of the word.

In 2010, I choose to nourish my spirit.

I have spent a lot of time trying to find out what I love.  Now that I have a better idea, I want to explore those things in-depth and go out of my way to be in touch with the divine in everyday life.  I want to create more moments of real joy rather than instant gratification.  I want to become aware of the times I need to take care of myself so that I can be more available to others.

A well-nourished person looks, feels, and acts much differently from a hungry person.  By asking myself every day whether my choices and actions are nourishing me, I hope to reach the point where I can not only nourish myself, but extend that gift to everyone around me.

Do you think have discovered your word for 2010?  What is it?