A year ago today, I tentatively dipped my toe into the blogging water.

I wasn’t really sure what w.p.r. would become, but I’m so, so glad I just started.

If I had waited until I had a concise plan,

waited until the coast was clear of criticism,

waited until Steve the Internal Editor told me it was a great idea…

Well, we’d all still be waiting.

The same goes for you.  I know there’s something in you that wants to make something wonderful, but you’re waiting for conditions to be perfect before beginning.   You are missing so much by doing that.   Please, simply begin.  You will be rewarded.




So much of what I do relies on support — from family, from significant others and friends, from fans, patrons, and from you out there (yes, you!) reading right now.


Thank you so much for being on this journey with me and helping me grow.  I look forward to what another year will bring!



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