30 Days of Encouragement for NaNoWriMo (and other writers, too!)

Believe it or not, some folks have an easier time keeping up with a writing schedule during the week because their schedule is fairly structured.  Juggling weekly work and responsibilities requires that writing time be scheduled and kept up with if you want to meet your word count goals.  While the idea of having a whole bunch of extra free time on the weekend may lead you to believe it’s easier to catch up then, many people find that the lack of structure breeds procrastination.

As you approach the weekend, you may want to consider finding a friend or fellow participant to be your accountability buddy.

See if you can find someone to check in with each day this month (or maybe just on the weekends, if that’s when you need it most).  Set up a time to call or email each other just to say, “Hey, have you written today?”  or “I’m planning to write from 3pm – 5:30pm and then break for dinner.  I will call you when I’m done.” If your “buddy” is local, you could schedule meet-ups and go pound out some pages at a local coffee shop together.

Sometimes, just knowing you have someone expecting you to give them a progress report can help you meet your daily goals.  You’ll also have someone you can vent to or lean on when your energy is flagging.

If you’re looking for an Accountability Buddy, feel free to use the comments section here to find someone!