30 Days of Encouragement for NaNoWriMo (and other writers, too!)

Happy Saturday!  Hopefully, today has provided you with some extra time to catch up if you’re behind, and maybe get a little ahead of the target word count in preparation for a busy week.

The weekend is a great chance to take a look at your at-home writing space and see what you can do to make it easier for you to work.  Do you have a better lamp you could stick over there?  Do you need a more comfortable chair?   No need to go out to the office furniture store and buy all new stuff – you probably have something around the house that will do just fine.

Before your next writing session, take 15 minutes (no more!*) to spruce up the part of the house you’ll be writing in.   Lay out your notes in an organized way and get rid of any stray bits of paper that don’t pertain to the day’s work.

As I write this post, my home office is littered with boxes that need to go out to the recycling bin and stray items that need to “find a home.”  I’m planning on tackling that right after I hit “publish” because I absolutely can’t stand working in a really messy place.    It’s messy enough inside my head – I don’t need the environment to match it!


* I know lots of creative folks who get a sudden, uncontrollable urge to clean everything whenever they’re about to work.  This is called procrastination.  Limit yourself to 15 minutes and use a timer if you must.