30 Days of Encouragement for NaNoWriMo (and other writers, too!)

Have you had a really bad day yet?  One where you didn’t come anywhere close to your word count, or worse yet, didn’t manage to write anything at all?   It’s OK.  Take some deep breaths and let it go.  This day is a new day, and you can start from where you are.

Yes, it’s important to try to keep up with your daily goals so you aren’t pulling all-nighters at the end of the month, but beating yourself up about missing the mark won’t help you catch up.  In fact, guilt and panic over being behind could just trigger a downward spiral and get you even further behind.

So, if you’ve screwed up here and there, it’s going to be fine.  Instead of feeling ashamed and berating yourself, just take this moment to re-commit to the project.   I don’t know any successful people who will say they have never failed at anything – only that they decided to continue even after failing.