Last night I embarked on a new adventure – I started a training program so that I can lead workshops and be a guide for people (re)discovering their creative passions.

Even after the first lesson and call, I feel such kinship with my fellow students and with the material.  I’m so glad to have discovered Jill Badonsky and her methods.  All of it resonates with me so deeply, and in a way that a lot of other training courses and books on “creativity” haven’t done – partly because the materials themselves are works of creative art instead of dry “how-to” manuals.  There are fun illustrations, great quotes, silly phrases and exercises, and beautiful insights.

The call ended around 9:30pm my time, and even though under normal circumstances I’d be heading to bed around 10pm, I was so “buzzed” from excitement that I couldn’t sleep.  I read through the course materials online, checked out the message boards, re-read a chapter of the companion book… I have to say, it has been a long time since I’ve been eager to do homework!

I am already chomping at the bit to share this material with others because it’s done a lot for me in a very short time.  I’ll be sure to let you in on how the adventure is going.  🙂