I’m a little bit in love with you.

Yes, you, right now, reading this on a screen somewhere in the world.

Even with your complete terror about taking the next step.

Even with your utter conviction that you aren’t good enough.

Even with that weird little birthmark.


Because I know you have something inside that wants to be expressed, and you think about it every now and then, saying to yourself, “I wonder…”

Because I know that, if you’re reading this, you want to take that step, even though you are scared.  You know what acting in spite of fear is called? Courage.  You’re courageous. 

Because I can see that little spark of creation in you, even when you can’t.  And darling, it’s lovely.

Consider this an early Valentine, because I don’t like telling people I love them on a schedule.

I love you!

[photo: adorable love notes by Everything Little Miss]