It’s been sort of quiet around here lately…and for once, it’s not due to procrastination, overwhelm, or just plain “not feeling like it.” It’s because I’m in that space where I’m building something. I’m creating and re-evaluating and nurturing little seedlings and seeing what will come of them.

I’m down in the deep of my creativity.

I’ve left my “day job” in order to pursue this creative life full-time.

Right now what that looks like is lots of researching, lots of training (I’m loving my training), lots of planning out and scribbling and assimilating information.

I’m in the deep.

I’m drinking lots of tea and writing a ton in my journals and being cared for by my pets.  I’m not overly social, choosing long baths and naps over martinis and chats on most days.

I’m in the deep.

It’s a dark place, but dark in a cozy way rather than an oppressive, scary way.

It may be awhile before I come up for air, but those first breaths are going to be delicious.




[photo by doug.deep]