[credit: breathe by Beny Shlevich]

All this hype about Spring Cleaning never really resonated with me. Spring time is when I want to go OUT, I want to frolic and play and be nowhere near my house.  Fall is when I start to nest.  As such, I tend to turn toward de-cluttering, simplifying, and beautifying my spaces during that time.

It’s officially Fall now, and the weather in Atlanta seems to have finally gotten the memo.  As such, it’s time for Fall Cleaning.

I redesigned this blog today.  Took out all the clutter. Took out all the marketing and the sales page. Pared down to the only part that’s really important to me – words, and a way to connect.

I also joined ello to have a more simplified social media experience. Feel free to find me there.

I think I’d gotten lost. In hype, in “supposed to”, in too many ads and too much input.

Now I can breathe.







[photo credit: breathe by Beny Shlevich]