Well, I certainly took my time getting this post up. Contrary to previous years, this delay wasn’t related to not having my word yet – I landed on it and started putting it into practice even before 2016 was out. I’ve just been neglecting my online writing in favor of old fashioned paper notebooks and forgetting to transfer the contents here.

In December I participated in the Stratejoy Holiday Council, which dovetailed perfectly with my usual practice of choosing a Word of the Year. The program helps you evaluate the previous year, set some goals, and come up with a theme for the coming year, including areas of focus for how you’d like to “show up” in the world on a regular basis.

My Theme (Word of the Year) is REACH.

I made this “inspiration board” to go with my word of the year.

For me, “reach” will include being:


Expansive: Stretching beyond my current imagined limitations, especially professionally. 

This includes a bigger commitment to my creative life, committing to doing new things I’ve been putting off (like that partially outlined screenplay I’ve been avoiding), increasing my reach, and broadening my mind and experiences, particularly through the media I choose to take in.


Connected: Fostering the connections I value and focusing on creating and maintaining in-person relationships.

This means keeping correspondence outside of social media, hosting music jams & film events, volunteering with local organizations, having relaxed social time with friends, and finding a local spiritual community.


Intentional: Being deliberate and choosing actions over reactions.

This includes a bigger commitment to my meditation practice, creating better systems for household/personal tasks and work, following through with opportunities I’d like to pursue, getting “dressed for work” everyday (this last one is a big deal for those of us who work from home!)


Thriving: Getting out of survival mode and into a place where I feel vigorous and joyful.

This includes daily writing, cooking more at home, lots of time hiking and walking in nature, having a sustainable income from creative work, and listening to my body when I need rest.


Powerful: Allowing and preparing myself to take up more space. 

This includes physical power (strength training, aerial silks, rowing, etc.), power as a performer (training to expand skill set, stage presence), and working on honing my leadership abilities.



I am only a month in and having the above as a set of guidelines for my year is already having an effect. I know I can expect some discomfort as I stretch myself but I’m sure that, past the fear, there are some incredible things waiting.



[Do you have a theme or Word of the Year? I’d love to hear it in the comments!]