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Who are you waiting for?

I did something a little out of character last week. Something that people have been telling me to do. A friend of mine was going to audition for The Voice, and jokingly suggested I go with him… so I did.
Now, I have lots of experience auditioning for things. I did theatre as a kid and into my early 20s, and learned long ago that someone telling you you aren’t right […]

Writing as Rest: Overcoming Overhwhelm

I did it again. I have spread myself too thin and allowed myself to become overwhelmed with projects. One of the joys of being a creative person is that ideas can come very easily, and often many at once. My challenge in the last couple of years has been to learn to practice discernment and allow some ideas to wait instead of pouncing on all of them. Lately, I’ve slipped […]

The Accidental Pumpkin

This lush, green vine popped up out of the blue a couple of weeks ago, and has been unfurling new leaves every single day since then. At first, I was perplexed by the thick shoot that pushed itself up through the mulch near the front door. I hadn’t planted anything there…but it didn’t look like any of the other weeds I’d been fighting a losing battle with. Rather than pull […]

Camp Wannamakee – SCHOLARSHIP!

Here’s the deal.  If you read the description for my new group coaching program, Camp Wannamakee, and thought “Oh wow, I really need this! I really want to do this! I — am really broke,” don’t fret.
I hear ya. I have been there.  And I want to help you.
If you really want to be in this program, then I really want you to be in it, too.  That’s why I’m […]

Stop buying beautiful journals.

Does this sound familiar?
You go to the bookstore and browse the shelf, past the day planners and address books, around the corner from the photo albums, until you see them. The towering display of gorgeous leather-bound diaries and illustrated, glossy journals almost shines despite the bland retail lighting. They tempt you, these tomes. They seem to whisper, “Herein will lie your masterpiece.”
Don’t believe them.
Here’s what actually happens.  Once you arrive […]

Producing vs. Creating

There’s a lot of emphasis on producing these days.
You may have heard the recent buzzword, “shipping”, which refers to creating projects or products, launching them, getting them out the door, and then doing it all over again. There’s a wonderful air of excitement around this idea because it essentially bypasses resistance and helps you just do something instead of endlessly procrastinating on a project. For this, I’m grateful to this […]

Spring Forward with a Giveaway!

Yes, you read that subject line correctly – I’m actually doing a giveaway on this blog.This is a w.p.r. first, but it’s a great one!
In honor of the “Spring Forward” on our clocks this weekend, I wanted to offer one reader a chance to spring forward with a writing project.
My dear friend Sara Blackthorne (of A Forest of Stories) is leading a six-week intensive writing course called Blossom from the […]

In the Deep

It’s been sort of quiet around here lately…and for once, it’s not due to procrastination, overwhelm, or just plain “not feeling like it.” It’s because I’m in that space where I’m building something. I’m creating and re-evaluating and nurturing little seedlings and seeing what will come of them.
I’m down in the deep of my creativity.
I’ve left my “day job” in order to pursue this creative life full-time.
Right now […]

A Little Bit In Love

I’m a little bit in love with you.
Yes, you, right now, reading this on a screen somewhere in the world.
Even with your complete terror about taking the next step.
Even with your utter conviction that you aren’t good enough.
Even with that weird little birthmark.
Because I know you have something inside that wants to be expressed, and you think about it every now and then, saying to yourself, “I wonder…”
Because I know […]

Fearful Voices in Creativity, and The Kitchen In My Head

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the fears that come up almost immediately whenever many of us try to embark on a new creative project.
“Don’t do that!  You’ll look foolish!”
“Don’t do that! It’s just a copy of somebody better than you.”
“Don’t do that! They’re going to laugh at you.”
The voices in our heads that pounce on our desires with gnashing teeth are, they think, protecting us. Protecting us from […]