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If you could choose one word…

I started reading Christine Kane’s blog about a year ago.  Earlier this decade I took a songwriting workshop from her that was wonderful and since that time, she’s developed wildly successful coaching programs and retreats, in addition to keeping an excellent blog about creating the life you want to live.
One of the most enjoyable parts of the blog lately has been reading the guest posts of people who, instead of […]

Holiday Gifts for the Writers in Your Life

Writers can be tricky folks to shop for.  While the typical gift card to a bookstore or moleskine pocket notebook are usually welcome, there are some things that I think could serve our writer friends better this holiday season.   Here’s my list of great gifts for writers that you may not have thought of yet.
* The Gift of Time

This will always be at the top of my list, and it’s […]

Bloom where you're slanted.

Several years ago I moved back home from college and lived with my parents for a little while.  It wasn’t my first choice, and it took me awhile to get over having to be there, but it’s what I needed to do at the time.
There is a small town square where they live that has some little boutique stores in it.  One day I was looking around the shops there, […]

Thoughts on Claiming Power: Take A Compliment

“Wow, that was really great!”
A blush. A stammer.  “Oh, thanks but… it wasn’t really… I’m not… “
Does this reaction sound familiar to you? It does to me. I used to be unable to receive a compliment graciously.
When I started performing in front of other people, the reaction was immediately positive.  I got encouragement and support all over the place.  The problem was, I had no way to receive it.  I […]

Thoughts on Claiming Power: Playing Small

The last week has been interesting.  I am rediscovering books, snippets, and practices that all point to the same thing – exploration of personal power.  It’s one of those situations where, once you’ve seen something, you come across it everywhere.  I’ve decided to explore how this stuff is affecting me in a series of posts.
The first bit that popped back onto my radar is the famous paragraph by Marianne Williamson […]


Sometimes you just need to change your space in order to change perspective.
As many of you know, I recently moved to a new house.   This new place is going to have a nice little office space for me, that I’ve just barely started working on.  There’s also a great big yard and a nice sunroom and most importantly, lots of natural light.
The old place was…well… a cave.   It was dark, […]

Liminal Phases

My friend Adam just asked me how I was doing.
I answered, “In a very strange, transitional, wacky place right now, actually. But it feels sort of like standing outside a really awesome Christmas party:
Shivering and bundled up and with a bottle of wine in my hand…. uncomfortable, but knowing that just on the other side of that door is a great time.”
Ladies and Gents, I think I’m in […]

Writing Spider

I spent time on the weekend at the new house.  In the middle of moving, it’s easy to get stressed out and forget why you’re doing it, so it was really nice on Saturday morning to see lots of great wildlife around us.
First, there were two hummingbirds doing a dance in front of the garage while I pulled weeds.
Next, I saw a big Blue Jay fly off of our roof […]

Red light, Green light.

Did you ever play the game “Red Light, Green Light” as a kid? One person plays the “stop light” and the other kids have to try to reach him or her.  Meanwhile, the “stop light” gets to shout out directions of when they can go or not go.
Let’s play a little game.  Pretend your finished piece of writing is the “stop light” you’re trying to reach.  The next time you […]

Mood Lightning

Listen to the rhythm of the rain that’s a-fallin’…
Here comes the rain again…

I love a rainy night.
Apparently, songwriters everywhere love Stormy Weather.  I’m no exception.  When the sky is overcast and gray in the morning, or when lightning shoots over the neighborhood at night, a voice inside me says, “Yay!”
A gloomy day makes me contemplative, while a full-on lightning storm makes me want to dance around the house.   Often, I […]