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Get Unblocked.

In an earlier post, my friend Rhett asked, “I often sit down to write, and I get this feeling like there’s nothing much to say. I’m sure everyone gets this, even if I am a more chronic case. Do you? If so, how do you work with that?”
This seems to be one of the many faces of “writer’s block” which, if you’ve ever spoken to someone who writes or read […]

quit yer bitchin'.

Last week, I started an experiment on myself.  I wanted to see what would happen if I went for six weeks without publicly complaining.
It’s really easy, when we see something that irks us, riles us up, or that we otherwise disagree with, to jump on Twitter or Facebook or your blog and post something about it. It’s also really easy to create a cycle of negativity wherein a good chunk […]

cyclical creativity

Lately I’ve been thinking about the title of this blog, which is sort of the “motto” for my work.
When I was trying to come up with a tagline that would keep me focused, I tried to think of what the most basic form of what I do is. I thought, and thought, and thought some more…into the next morning, when I was showering. I glanced at the shampoo […]

Writers need to write, and other points.

Earlier this month I read and loved a post by Adam P. Knave over at Stop Motion Verbosity about being a writer. More precisely, it’s about addressing the question that every professional writer gets at some point, which is basically “How do you become a professional writer?” Even though Adam writes comics and novels and short stories rather than songs, a lot of the same points apply.
Obviously, if […]

Falling off the wagon with a loud thud.

The past two months have managed to suck me back into a pattern of non-productivity on the writing front. It’s official – I fell off the writing wagon.  Work got crazy,  My performance schedule got (thegoodkindof) crazy, my allgergies hijacked my body a couple of times,  and my brother is getting married at the end of the month, which is its own kind of crazy.  It’s easy for me to […]

5 Things Re-writing Helps Me Do

I actually love to re-write.   Once the first kernels of a song are out in the world, I love nothing more than to sit down and work out the final bits.  Even on days when I can’t seem to get anywhere on a song, the act of living with it for a couple of hours is rewarding, and even fun.   Below is a list of five of the primary things […]

Music, lyrics, and … SNOW?!

Well, it’s April in Atlanta and that doesn’t mean much, considering we have the threat of ice/snow looming over us today. The weather here is never very predictable until July, when we can count on it being hot until the end of September.
( A few minutes later…)
Yep. There it is.  It is snowing in Atlanta on April 7th.
Anyway, I’ll take advantage of the cuddly weather to bundle up and […]

making space, part the third

This last aspect of space I want to tackle in this series is at once the most important and the most difficult to write.
Once space in the schedule is made, and the physical space for writing is found, there is still a major hurdle to overcome in order to get to work.  This is the intangible and ever-changing psychological space needed in order to create.   One entry definitely won’t cover […]

making space, part two

In the first post of this series I talked about having chronological space available for writing, and how I’ve been trying to make that happen.  So now that I’ve learned to prioritize my time and delegate tasks, what is the next step to getting back on the horse…er…in the saddle… wait, why are all of these idioms related to cowboys?  Are there no perseverance-related sayings just for writers?   Maybe not.    […]

Thanks, NACA!

Now that I’ve had more than three consecutive hours of sleep, I think I can form the thoughts to make this entry.
This was my first NACA conference and it was definitely a great way to get introduced to the wacky world of college booking.  I don’t envy what the Student Activities Boards are having to do in the next couple of weeks — look through the piles & piles of […]