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Lost at NACA

I’ve been up in Nashville since Saturday, participating in the NACA National Conference. This is my fourth time visiting Nashville and I like it more every time I come.  The conference is taking place at Opryland.  I’d never been to that area of Nashville on my other visits so I was curious to check it out.
The Opryland Resort & Conference center, if you haven’t been, is best described […]

making space, part one.

Last year, I was busy.
Working at my “day job” (which I actually love), going to school part-time, doing some work as a labor and postpartum doula, moving into a house, adopting animals, repeatedly resolving to go to the gym (and sometimes going!) — I was really, really busy.   As a result of being so busy living a “normal” life, I let some very important things fall by the wayside, […]


Hey folks,
This is going to be my new blog home about my writing process, being a songwriter, shows I play, etc…
Eventually it’ll be integrated into my main site but for now I wanted a separate home for it.
Please update your twitter and AIM accounts to reflect the new screen name, too —  writeplayrepeat.