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In the Deep

It’s been sort of quiet around here lately…and for once, it’s not due to procrastination, overwhelm, or just plain “not feeling like it.” It’s because I’m in that space where I’m building something. I’m creating and re-evaluating and nurturing little seedlings and seeing what will come of them.
I’m down in the deep of my creativity.
I’ve left my “day job” in order to pursue this creative life full-time.
Right now […]


I fully intended to wake up for the eclipse last night.  When the alarm went off, I tried to keep my eyes open, but instead I kept falling right back to sleep.   So, rather than spending the longest, darkest night of the year huddled against the cold and staring up at the sky in awe, I spent it curled warmly in bed.  I’ve had worse nights.
Some of my friends tell […]

There is No "There" There.

I loved Julie’s post today over at Writing Roads about the Phases of the Writer, so please go check it out. ( I have particularly experienced 1, 3, and 5  a lot lately!) It ties in perfectly with my thoughts on cyclical creativity, and the process of writing, and with this post I wanted to write today.
Something that is hard to grasp as a writer (or any creative person) is […]

Make, make, make!

I keep coming back to the idea of cyclical creativity.   That, rather than “blocked” or “not blocked”, there can be times when we’re just naturally feeling more like creating than others.  Sometimes, I’ve made sure that there’s nothing specifically impeding my momentum,  and I’m still showing up to the page every day, but nothing feels like it’s really there.    Other times, there isn’t a way to get ideas down fast […]