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from joy to joy to joy

A Little Bit In Love

I’m a little bit in love with you.
Yes, you, right now, reading this on a screen somewhere in the world.
Even with your complete terror about taking the next step.
Even with your utter conviction that you aren’t good enough.
Even with that weird little birthmark.
Because I know you have something inside that wants to be expressed, and you think about it every now and then, saying to yourself, “I wonder…”
Because I know […]

Collecting Encouragement

Bindu’s post today had a way of cracking me open just as she describes the yoga practice has been doing for her, and it reminded me that I wanted to acknowledge a practice I have started recently which may help some of you along this journey of recovery.
(And I do think of this challenge as a call to recovery.  Most of us have spent a long time not listening […]

One Year Ago

A year ago today, I tentatively dipped my toe into the blogging water.
I wasn’t really sure what w.p.r. would become, but I’m so, so glad I just started.
If I had waited until I had a concise plan,
waited until the coast was clear of criticism,
waited until Steve the Internal Editor told me it was a great idea…
Well, we’d all still be waiting.
The same goes for you.  I know there’s something in […]