write. play. repeat.

from joy to joy to joy

Sometimes, you need to do something drastic.

This is one of those times for me.  When I get into a good groove, where I feel comfortable (and I am a creature who loves comfort) I tend to stop taking risks.  And risk is part of what creativity is all about.
When I get to this point, I start seeking out Helpers.   For me, Helpers are people who will give me a good kick in the ass.   People who […]

Mood Lightning

Listen to the rhythm of the rain that’s a-fallin’…
Here comes the rain again…

I love a rainy night.
Apparently, songwriters everywhere love Stormy Weather.  I’m no exception.  When the sky is overcast and gray in the morning, or when lightning shoots over the neighborhood at night, a voice inside me says, “Yay!”
A gloomy day makes me contemplative, while a full-on lightning storm makes me want to dance around the house.   Often, I […]