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Five Great Ways To Spur Your Creativity

Ok, so you’ve done all the prep work needed to get the ball rolling, and you’ve gotten started… but then you reach a point where you just feel “stuck”.  You show up every day to work on your project and nothing seems to bubble to the surface.     Believe me, I’ve been there.
Here are some things that work for me when I need a little kick-start.
1. Get Out!
Psychologists, doctors, and your […]


One of my lovely readers (I’m lookin’ at you,  kid!) suggested that I tackle a post about how to keep momentum going on a creative project when you have, well, life happening.
It’s definitely tough when we think we have to have enough energy “left over” at the end of a long day of working, meeting with people, taking care of a home and/or kids, and running errands.    There is so […]