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Writing as Rest: Overcoming Overhwhelm

I did it again. I have spread myself too thin and allowed myself to become overwhelmed with projects. One of the joys of being a creative person is that ideas can come very easily, and often many at once. My challenge in the last couple of years has been to learn to practice discernment and allow some ideas to wait instead of pouncing on all of them. Lately, I’ve slipped […]


Sometimes you just need to change your space in order to change perspective.
As many of you know, I recently moved to a new house.   This new place is going to have a nice little office space for me, that I’ve just barely started working on.  There’s also a great big yard and a nice sunroom and most importantly, lots of natural light.
The old place was…well… a cave.   It was dark, […]

Mood Lightning

Listen to the rhythm of the rain that’s a-fallin’…
Here comes the rain again…

I love a rainy night.
Apparently, songwriters everywhere love Stormy Weather.  I’m no exception.  When the sky is overcast and gray in the morning, or when lightning shoots over the neighborhood at night, a voice inside me says, “Yay!”
A gloomy day makes me contemplative, while a full-on lightning storm makes me want to dance around the house.   Often, I […]