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Collecting Encouragement

Bindu’s post today had a way of cracking me open just as she describes the yoga practice has been doing for her, and it reminded me that I wanted to acknowledge a practice I have started recently which may help some of you along this journey of recovery.
(And I do think of this challenge as a call to recovery.  Most of us have spent a long time not listening […]

Idea Sifting & Perfectionism

This post comes from a reader question.   How do you sift through all of your ideas and focus on The One?
First of all, let me just say that, dear reader, this is an excellent problem to have.   Tons of us sit and stare at blank pages or blinking cursors, practically trembling with the effort it’s taking to come up with something to write about.  You are not in that situation, […]

Music, lyrics, and … SNOW?!

Well, it’s April in Atlanta and that doesn’t mean much, considering we have the threat of ice/snow looming over us today. The weather here is never very predictable until July, when we can count on it being hot until the end of September.
( A few minutes later…)
Yep. There it is.  It is snowing in Atlanta on April 7th.
Anyway, I’ll take advantage of the cuddly weather to bundle up and […]

making space, part the third

This last aspect of space I want to tackle in this series is at once the most important and the most difficult to write.
Once space in the schedule is made, and the physical space for writing is found, there is still a major hurdle to overcome in order to get to work.  This is the intangible and ever-changing psychological space needed in order to create.   One entry definitely won’t cover […]